Episode-1017- The Veteran’s Day Special for 2012 — 12 Comments

  1. Great pod cast honering our vet I had a nefue 20 years his name was Adam bishop got shot and killed in afganastan thanyou! Ps iwork on John Willis machines

  2. Sp/4 Fletcher B co 1/13Th 8Th ID 68/70, To all The Vets of all theaters and times, God Bless you ,and thank you,enough gratitude cannot be shown. Those of you who wish to , do yourself a favour and find the song by Jackson Brown “Lives In The Balance” its heavy freaking duty. And honor your Oath, “Against All Enemies Foreign And DOMESTIC< . America honors you, America NEEDS YOU !!!

  3. Just wanted to leave my personal thank you to all the Veterans out there in the prepper community. Without our national heroes, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to prep in the first place. Thank you.

  4. WE owe so much to veterans in this country, many are too selfish and to self occupied to appreciate what veterans have done for us. Take heart veterans ,many still do appreciate your sacrifice and those that don’t are not worth losing one minute of sleep over .

  5. From my 4th great grandfather, Micajah Callaway, who fought in the American Revolution, to my great uncle, Cyrus VanDeventer, US Army World War One, to my best friend, George Stavros, USN RM1 Vietnam, I thank you all.

    I thank you for being willing to leave home and family and sweethearts for the sake of this, the greatest country of all. I thank you for laying in muddy trenches and snowy fields and trudging through rice paddies and burning deserts, all for the sake of a country and a people who may or may not be grateful.

    And, I thank you for freedoms as simple as waking up to a cup of coffee and the morning paper, for joys as simple as smiling at a baby. On this Veteran’s Day, the honor, the praise, and the glory are yours.

  6. Greetings,
    I am a 24 year vet. I served in the USN and USN Reserves from 1972 to 1998. During my career I was a combat Helo rescue aircrewman for a time, and served abouard 3 ships and in 5 squadrons. I worked in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Gulf of Mexico supporting Anti-Drug operations. I served our country with pride and dignity, through tough times and good times. I learned a lot about survival from my training as well as the people from foreign lands I was lucky enough to visit.
    I want to thank you for all your hard work producing your shows and your dedication to helping others become more self sufficient. You have inspired my wife and I to put together an info page on a Web site we are working on. I hope you won’t mind if we link you in as a good reference for good info.

  7. And I want to thank the Native Americans, the First People, who contributed so much with their language to encrypt secret messages, and black men who weren’t treated very well when they served, and all the women who were nurses and secretaries, and factory workers building ships and airplanes, and ferrying those planes to where they were needed. So many unsung heros and heroines have gone unthanked, but today we are remembering you and your sacrifices and thanking you for all the things Mac and Jon just said, and for those things we will never know.

  8. Jack,
    Great message, as a CIB holder, I Salute you, Thanks again for you for all you do and what you have done. Yeah and Hell Yeah! Blessings

  9. Jack,

    Thank you for your service to the country. You are still serving your country by teaching Americans, and all good people, Freedom, independence and self reliance. You are one of the finest examples of a true Patriot. Thank you for giving us hope and a positive voice to guide us into the future.

  10. Great show, Jack.

    And a very sincere thank you to every person who has fought or died for my ability to wake up safely this morning next to my wife, see my newborn son smile and me, and for the freedom to publicly write about it today…

  11. I listened late to this show.. .I have a hard time listening to Veteran’s day shows. I appreciate the main point of this show, Jack, because it helps me understand why I react the way I do to this topic. My feelings about my service are complicated and mixed, as are my feelings and thoughts about my country and government.

    One thing has become more and more clear as I get older. My first allegiance is to God and Church, Hearth and Home, and these four things are not separable.