Episode-1462- Veteran’s Day Special for 2014 — 23 Comments

  1. When young people join the military and make “that big commitment,” as you say, they are clueless what they are agreeing to. You said as such in previous podcasts. Why are you contradicting your previous words today? You are moving in the right direction, Jack, but please read and contimplate more before you rattle on as a self admitted libertarian.

    • I am really tired of you. I can tell you this you are the type of person I’d of bitch slapped by now if we met in person for more than 20 minutes. Don’t tell me how to think, what to say or give me your bullshit about the right direction.

      As you have never made a single constructive comment, never participated in a discussion with others other than to nit pick and bitch and as you seem to only be here for the purpose of annoying me, I am done with your bullshit. C-Ya assclown!

    • Sigh…. “You are moving in the right direction”.

      I guess you hadn’t learned tact or how to get your point across to people. Guess you need to figure out how to move “in the right direction”.

  2. I haven’t listened yet, but I’d like to thank any veterans here for stepping up when most people are stepping out.

  3. Thank you for your service.

    Excellent message! Its a shame that so many don’t get it, but rest assured lots of people DO.

  4. Second time Ive heard this special. Still chokes me up. Loved the music choice. To the sour grapes out there, shut up!

  5. Jack – I listened to today’s episode, as I have every year since you first recorded it. One of the best benefits I’ve received from listening to your podcasts is a very deep appreciation for the sacrifice made by you and others who are serving or have served in the military. My father was in the Army in the 50’s, but died quite young (not due to his military service), so I never learned about what serving our country meant to those in the service. Thank you for educating me about military service, good and bad, as it has made me so appreciative of the sacrifice made by those in the service, and their families.

  6. An interesting angle to take regarding thanking a vet. Never considered it before I’ll admit. It’s definitely one of those things about being in the military that you always don’t know what to say when somebody says thanks. Never considered the amount of humility one is faced with when they’re in the military and get such a “complement” and such a small act kind of pushes the military individual into reflection of “those who should receive it”. Which, as you’ve stated here, they would reject that themselves! ha.

    Can’t really say its something you would experience in other circles.

    I remember thinking at MEPS while swearing the oath and looking around “these kids have no idea what they’re even doing”. Funny because I think now I’d say the same thing about myself.

  7. Thank you Jack. It was awesome to hear this podcast. I’m a veteran and served 3 tours. You hit the nail on the head.

  8. Great episode, Jack! I’d like to thank you and all the veterans for their service. I did not serve in the military, so it’s nice for me to stop and think about what our veterans have done in times of peace or war.
    I wanted to email out the first song played “What Have You Done” to some friends, family, coworkers etc. I looked for it all over, and found a post on this forum from several years ago telling people to go to Gregg Yows website, but when I followed the link it simply said “Site not found”
    Does anyone have a link? Or a recommendation?

  9. Great Show. I was an 11B in 10th Mountain Division. While in our unit was deployed to Hurricane Andrew Relief(for some reason), Somalia, and Haiti. I always thank a Veteran when opportunity presents itself, but when ever someone thanks me for being a Veteran, I never know what to say and had this embarrassed feeling. You made me realize why.

    Also thanks for giving me an appreciation for support troops.

    I never once heard you proclaim yourself as a hero, not sure what that guy is talking about. I also do not in any way consider myself a hero. I do however believe “boys and girls” that join the military not realizing, put themselves in a position to be a hero. As most soldiers would put their fellow soldiers life above their own. Unfortunately I do not think non veterans can even begin to comprehend that. I was at a un-named store and an older gentleman asked if they had a Veterans discount after saying no and he walked away, she mumbled she is tired of veterans think they should get special treatment.

    Thank you to all Veterans not for being a hero, but for your willingness and bravery to be one!

  10. Thanks Jack for your service and honoring those of us that served. This nation, in its current state, is undeserving of the men and women that swear to uphold the Constitution and defend from foreign and domestic. Thank you for reminding me that we, as service men and women, are really all that stands in the way of this administration.
    Kevin Woods
    former Airman First Class, F-15E Crew Chief of the 391st Fighter Squadron.

  11. I listen to the podcast at work today, when I heard the admonition to thank a veteran and to shake his hand I thought, but do I know of any around me? Then I looked up and saw this guy at work that I try to avoid as we just don’t mix well, and realizing that he was a Nam vet I went over to him and thanked him and shook his hand and we had a nice short exchange and were both left with a good warm fuzzy.

  12. Jack,

    Thank you so much for this episode. This is the second year I have had to stop everything and just sit down, listen to the end, then sit in the quiet for some time afterwards.

    I served for 22 years in the Royal Air Force in the UK. I did multiple active tours of Iraq, Afghanistan as well as support tours all over the middle east and rest off the world. I have lost close friends and colleagues, over that time and never really got the time to grieve as there was a mission to do and troops to look after.

    I unashamedly sat and wept during this podcast, the first time I have been able to let go and be able let it out. Thank you for understanding quite how we feel. How we feel like others have done more and how much we miss and respect our fallen comrades.

  13. Hey Jack, just listened to your Veterans day episode, and I just want to point out that the WW1 armistice was signed at 5 am, to go into force at 11.oo, giving 6 hours for the message to get to the front line units via radio, telegraph, and runners.
    However some units, especially artillery, kept firing past that time, for whatever reasons.
    You appear to suggest that there is symbolism in the 11 am on the 11th of the 11th, and that it was deliberately held off for that reason, costing many lives, but from the bits and pieces that I have read over the years; the signers seem to have tried to get it into action as soon as they could.
    As mentioned in the link, some kept fighting anyway.

    Just some thoughts from an ex-Australian Army Reservist ECN 343-2 (roughly what you would call a 11B/C)

  14. Soft spot in my heart for the 11th ACR and the families who support them. Thank you for this post, Jack.