Episode-549- Veteran’s Day Special for 2010 — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks!!!I know several who served and they do deserve all the love and respect we can muster. Many served and did not return to the loving arms of loved ones. I say a special prayer for them because they died so that I might continue to live! Thank you, and God Bless The United States of America!

  2. Thanks Jack! Your message rang true once again. You put into words those feelings so many of us have but strugle to articulate.

  3. I was concerned that some of the emotion would be lost in the remake. I shouldn’t have worried, it was genuine and it was there. Great job. Just don’t forget to say thanks to the guy in the mirror as well! I spent part of my day talking to two younger veterans and sharing experiences. One came back home and didn’t sleep for three months, the other is having nightmares. Hopefully it helped them to talk about it and know that someone cares. I also shake the hand of every veteran that I know and tell them them thanks. It’s my way of saying this:

    Thanks for those that carried the load before I got there and thanks to those who picked it up and continued to carry it after I left.

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  5. Great Job Jack,

    I think you outdid yourself. Thanks too all veterans…you won’t be forgotten.

  6. The great thing about this country is that we are free to disagree. You often address this on the show – that we are all entitled to our opinions. I’ve been listening loyally for several months now and I figured I’d eventually disagree with you. As this was my first time listening to a Veterans Day TSP episode, I wondered how you would address this day. After you mentioned the “Thank a Vet?” article from Lew Rockwell I paused the episode and read the article: [ ]

    I completely agree with this author and his remarks about Veterans Day and I’m surprised you did not. Every day on your show we hear about protecting ourselves as individuals and yet you support the actions of our military with it’s collectivist mentality past and present.

    It can be argued that a country forming a military may be necessary – but surely our country’s present (and recent past) use of the military is completely unacceptable. This is what needs to be discussed everyday and maybe especially on Veteran’s Day – until the madness stops. Current and active service members should be at the forefront of this discussion.

    You did mention that service members are to disobey orders that are morally or ethically wrong – if only they all realized this fact today.

  7. @Matt, Let me guess you never wore the uniform and served your nation, so you speak as an outsider based on what you have read?

    You too are entitled to your opinion and I don’t have any ill will to you for it, I would fight for your right to have it. Yet I do think you might want to consider one fact.

    “Theory and practice are vastly different”.

  8. @Modern Survival, no you guessed wrong, I did take that oath and I did serve – Electrician’s Mate U.S. Navy. And I’d fight for your rights and freedoms too – if I felt they were legitimately threatened. I guess we should just leave it at that – my point is not to criticize service members – but to address the fact that our federal governments use of the military can be an necessary threat to service members survival – as well as all Americans survival at home or abroad.

  9. When I listened to those songs at the end, I had to go into another room and cry. Thank you for your service Jack.