Episode-2544- The Veterans Day Show for 11-12-19 — 2 Comments

  1. Bravo!  Well done.

    Our local grocery store (Hy Vee) always sets up a table for our veterans near the entrance where they are served breakfast and people can stop and visit them.  I was there today and a Veteran from the Korean War was there.   So many just walked by.   It was nice to tell him thank you……and then get home and listen to your podcast after the fact.  

    Thanks Jack.  Thanks for everything.

    For God, country and liberty,

    Ronnie in Iowa


  2. Recently I was talking to my Great Uncle that was in WWII and is still alive. I was commenting on how I had a non-combat job in the USN on a Submarine Tender during the Gulf War. This took a while to sink in. He said when he finished his Army Training they divided his class in half alphabetically. Our name starts with L. Half of his class went to the SS Dorchester which was torpedoed by the Germans. Most of them died. He ended up with a non-combat job in South America. His brother, my Grandfather was in the South Pacific on a C-47 and another brother was a belly gunner over Germany on a B-17. I could see that same look in a very old man who has lived with that all his life.