Very Cool Initiative by Mark Shepard — 9 Comments

  1. I live a few hours from Mark. I’ll have to get down there and tour his farm. I contributed to his project as well. Nice to see something like this right here in the Badger State!

  2. I kicked in for both the bumper sticker and the DVD. As of my second donation, they’ve raised $4775.

  3. Any idea of what the sugar content is going to be? It won’t preclude me from donating but I try to limit my sugar consumption so I’m always looking at that. Might be a question for him when he comes on the show?

  4. Jack, thank you for posting this. I haven’t been online and am way behind in the podcast. Luckily tonight I listened to the listener call in when you mentioned it.

    I attended Mark’s 4-day intensive course in July and there were six people in attendance who are TSPers.

    • Meant to include: this craft beer is AWSOME.

      Mark’s New Forest Farm is the best place I’ve been to see permaculture techniques implemented on a large scale.