Episode-1271- Dr. Nate Story on Vertical Farming and Aquaponics — 7 Comments

  1. Been Follow Nates stuff for a long time… Best info on the net for grow food in the least amount of space out there.

  2. This was a great episode. First because I’m interested in all that can be accomplished through Aquaculture.

    But almost as important is this is a great example of a lifestyle business for most people. Most people wanting to start down the path of starting their own small business end up thinking they have to be an SEO consultant, graphic designer, or wordpress developer. Yes those are good skills to have for any business, but not everyone has to follow that consultant path.
    There are options out there for people who want to be in physical products (and not importing from China). There are ways for people to stay in the field they chose for their technical education.

    Me, as a mechanical engineer, my hamster wheel brain gets spinner when I listen to podcasts about systems like aquaculture, anything from Steven Harris, and anything to do with home energy efficiency, storing energy, heating, cooling, etc.

    So I appreciate the dose of inspiration this close to the end of the year.

  3. Not sure why but the bright agrotech site has been down for 2 days. Is it my computer or maybe too many TSPers visiting and we crashed it?

  4. WOW, great show. went right away to check out his web site. fell in love with his Spring’s ZipGrow system think it would be great for my location (small space, and dog won’t leave things alone) but wow a bit expensive, does he offer MSB discount? I would love to try it!

  5. This epi was published about 5 wks before our Big Move. It’s 3 wks prior as I write this comment. A couple of weeks ago, I talked to the lady who is going to serve as our Realtor. When she saw my garden beds in the backyard, she said that they are going to be an asset – more and more people are wanting to garden.

    Just wanted to share – and there I was a few months ago wondering if I should eradicate the beds to make it easier to sell the house. 🙂