Vacation Until 7-20-15 — 13 Comments

  1. Jack works his ass off and Dorothy defiantly deserves some alone time with him. Even when I was living there, they did not get enough opportunity to escape and really enjoy themselves for long enough.
    I am happy to see you guys are getting a well deserved break.
    Have a margarita for me!

  2. Have fun Jack! There’s a bunch of cool tropical fruit in season around SWFL now, jackfruit and a bunch of awesome mango varieties being the main ones. Sanibel might have some, but Pine Island’s the major growing area for that sort of thing if you’re into it. Shoot me an email if I can drop some off for you!

  3. There’s good local craft beer in SWFL now too: Point Ybel Brewing Company is just a little ways over the bridge and has some kickass craft beer. Fort Myers Brewing Company is a little bit of a drive from the island, but also has some seriously good beer and usually has different local food trucks serving up an awesome assortment of food out front.

  4. Have a good vacation!

    Just out of curiosity, what do you do with livestock and garden maintenance while away? Just get someone you trust to help out?

    • Every few weeks or so I find myself going back to for the plethora of info and knowledge. Thanks Steve for your contributions!

  5. I MISSSSSSS you! It’s hard to get work done without your podcast but I am so happy you are taking a much needed vacation!!!

    I am enjoying Paul Wheaton’s podcasts though. Starting at episode one and working my way through. Other podcast suggestions welcome (I see your suggestion Steven Harris).