Episode-2797- Using Small Livestock to Build Fertility — 6 Comments

  1. A neighbor of mine is residential Fenceing contractor. Once or twice a week he comes home with redwood and PT 4×4’s. These are great from building structures for to support rabbit and quail cages. One time he came home with some redwood 4×4’s that where more than 10 feet long. By useing these you can build something with buying much less material from the lumber yard. These where going to be trashed. If you are putting them on concrete, make sure to support them with something that you don’t mind throwing away so the main structure does not come into contact with the ground.

  2. I found a great way to build biomass when I was raising rabbits.
    I had a couple larger breeds of rabbit and had them in pens on the ground that had roughly 8’x8′ or grassy area. I trained them to use one corner for their waste which I would put straw in. I would have to scoop out the waste roughly once or twice a week, but it never took long and I had an over abundance of ready to use biomass.
    It was a lot easier this way than in cages because of how rabbit urine is. Their urine is extremely smelly.
    Overall it makes the best garden compost I have ever used. I had way more compost than I could use on a garden for a family of four.

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      • My rabbits tend to go in one corner you can put a pan or straw and the will associate the pan/straw with a potty spot and then you can move the pan. We have only been able to do it with a 3 of our 9 rabbits the other six don’t care. I also wanted to comment about the Phosphate hills in Florida I live in a big phosphate mining area and we call them Florida mountains, there is one about 40 mins from me that is just so huge it looks like a long straight mountain.

      • I have always had great success with moving their litter to one corner if they didn’t do it already. After a short while they associate that corner with the scent of their waste and tend to mostly go there. They would also learn from the other rabbits which corner to do their business. I am not sure if it helps that I have always had pens and cages that touch the ground, but that could be helping too. I have had over 20 rabbits at a time and so far it’s worked with all of them.
        For the most part rabbits are fairly smart and trainable.