Every Podcast Listener and Host Should Use — 9 Comments

  1. Fountain is great, overall. I do agree that it would be awesome to get some kind of notice when you hit your limit – as well as what, if anything, you need to do, to get a higher one.

  2. I had some podcast on Stitcher and some on Spotify as not all were on both platforms. It looks like excepting Joe Rogan, they are all on Fountain. I am going to give it a try.

    Already see a few tweaks/features I would like to see added but if they continue to improve the platform it has the potential to be a ground breaking platform for both content providers and content consumers.

  3. Do not laugh. I still have and use an ipod nano. I download mp3 files to my computer and transfer them to the ipod. I love using my ipod. It is light in weight and the battery lasts for many hours. Plus it doesn’t track everything I do.

    It seems like I cannot use Fountain with this setup. Any suggestions on how to use Fountain without sitting in front of my computer?

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