Episode-1987- Urban Survival with “Pat Watson” — 17 Comments

  1. Great interview with tons of valuable advice I will use.

    Pat is uniquely qualified and has a very bright future as a consultant, trainer and expert in security and preparedness. Wish we had more LEOs as aware, intelligent and professional.

    Love the “illusion of security” so true!!!

  2. Pat here, Thanks for the compliments Scott and Mike! I’m honored. And funny story, Erin; I sometimes use different pen names for different audiences and “Randy” is one of them. We’re safe! Hahah.

  3. When I saw the length of this episode, I almost skipped it…boy am I glad I didn’t. I very much feel Pat’s pain..See I’m also a limited government guy that works for the government. I’m an oxymoron….or just a moron…not sure which.

    My life/career isn’t anywhere near as exciting as Pats, I’m more a beurocrat than I would like to admit, but my work also gives me many opportunities to decide whether or not I need to jack with somebody….and if I do decide that I need to jack with them how do I do so in the least obtrusive and fair way possible so that everybody stays safe. A lot of it is about education…normally when I educate folks on why what they are doing is a problem they see the light and I don’t have to “enforce” anything. They just didn’t know what they didn’t know. And in some cases they educate ME…this is why the way I do it isn’t a problem…and I have to say…YOu know what…I agree, I hadn’t thought of it that way, I learned something, thank you.

    I’m sure there are those in the audience that may call me a sell out since I’m “working for the man”, and I’ve thought about writing in about it in the past…I was interested in Jack’s take…but I’m not sure I want to know. 🙂 I swear to god I try not to be an “assclown”.

    Here’s why I continue to do it…selfish reason first…I’ve invested a lot of years (close to 30)…it would be very difficult to change horses now…I could change bosses, but would be in the same field, it’s really all I know. It would be next to impossible for me to move into another field and make the money and have the benefits I have where I am…my wife has a lot of health issues…without my health benefits I’m afraid we would be living in a tent someplace. I know it’s selfish, but it’s honest.

    Why it’s OK, at least in my mind, for me to continue to do what I do for who is paying me for doing it is that I feel like I am helping to keep some sanity in the machine. To use an analogy from todays show when we have the choice to kick the door or pick the lock I’m the guy that steps in front of the door and says hold on….if we have decided that we need to get in there…lets at least pick it…The way I see it if I throw down my badge and walk away it’s not going to change anything…there are plenty of guys behind me willing to toe the company line. If I hang around though, maybe I can keep things from getting worse at the very least, or perhaps even move the needle the other way a bit. I know it’s a losing battle…but I’ve had some small victories. I also can tell that I’ve started to influence some of my co-workers…they ask me sometimes how I would handle a situation and we talk through it….folks that were “door kickers” in the past are asking me about “picking the locks”… small victories.

    Sure…I sometimes have to do things I’d rather not to people whom I’d rather not but on balance I think I’m doing more good than harm. At least I hope so.

    Long comment I know, this has been a conflict within me almost since I started listening to Jack (Thanks a LOT brother 🙂 ) , in closing Pat thanks for your service, and I’m going to check out your offerings.

  4. Thanks DC. You’re not alone! Like I mentioned in the show, you might want to try out our little Zello community is a great place for kindred spirits. I may try to get on there tonight. It’s been a while. If you are looking for a place to vent, I’ll be looking for guest articles on my site in the future. 😉

    • If you means Pats Site “Uncensored Tactical” it is in the show notes above.

  5. reminds me when I worked for a moving company and we moved a gal with high security apartment. This was a gated community and the apartment number was like 1573 and so we go to move the stuff in and it is two story. We walk in and accidently pick something like 1753 unit by accident and the key worked! We did not realize our mistake because the key worked so we start moving stuff in and another crew guy comes who has been there before and says “what are you guys doing!!!”. So we start running all the stuff into the other unit hoping the gal doesn’t show up….I guess we shouldn’t have eaten the cookies in the fridge 🙂 High security, your neighbors unit key is the same???

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    • Hey hey now, I am a Gators fan! LOL

      I still recognize sad ass throwing with no precision and throwing to low across a line when I see it.

  7. Alternatively 4 digit pin birth year 19xx or children birth year 20xx. Those are almost as common as 1234.
    At work we have knock boxes.

  8. Great episode, wonderful levels of honesty. Make that man part of the council if he’s interested!

  9. Thanks for the heads up on how you respond to alarms. I am making changes such as naming the sensors, neighbor having key access, monitoring company instructions.
    The officer who came to neighborhood watch said the same as you. Call them if you see something suspicious. If he is in the church parking lot under the tree he is doing paperwork. I like it because he is close to me then.
    Thanks again

  10. Thanks Alan, happy to help. Hope you never need the alarm system but if you do, hopefully the tips help!