Urban Permaculture Design Intensive – Bonus Chicken Workshop Opportunity — 10 Comments

  1. I hope I am on that list of 30!

    This is sounding great. Though, I’m bummed there won’t being group navel completing, whatever that is. Maybe there will be

    • Hey Jack,

      Have you started sending these out? I’m anxious to find out whether or not I need to make travel plans.


      • No not yet we are settling on a final head count and will start sending out official registrations today or tomorrow. We have painters here this week and they are a real disruption to the business and our lives.

  2. @Jack-

    Would love to know how your Freedom Rangers dress out in 11 weeks. Please follow up and let me know. Wish I could break away for this, I’ve been bitten by the permaculture bug.

  3. Also interested in how the Freedom Ranger project goes. Hopefully Jack or Josiah will be giving us regular updates!