Episode-118- Understanding Multiple Systems of Dependence — 4 Comments

  1. watching “laws” being passed during the DNC convention: re water laws: & it flows from Fed, to ST, to county, to city: under the “heading” restore & rebuild” USA: & that the “people” must get a new “mindset”: that while what you have to say is noted, it will be done THIS WAY. Which in reality it has been done all along anyway: this is NOT a “democracy” nor even 2 party system but 1 with “smoke & mirrors” to hide their own agenda: which does not bear good for the people or the planet: most other countries view the citizens of the USA as slaves: NOT as “freed” & the “freedom” our political system is shoving down the throats of every one is slavery which is what we have had not freedom at all. There is a deliberate attempt which has gone on for years & in 1972 the “STATES passed laws stating that the “land use” belongs to the POLICE: which is why you see brand new police cars, an increased of over 1000 new cops in every state when the tired old dog of “we are broke” is STILL being used; basically our “leaders” are agressively attacking every fresh water supply that there is: cuz THEIR position is & always has been: people need to PAY

  2. 118 was good, quite good. One thing you didn’t mention is that money spent on the military industrial complex (which I happen to work for) has NO ROI. There is no money back for blowing shit up!

    That is a 0 gain for our economy at best.

  3. Re: How are us Canadians liking our healthcare .

    I’m Canadian with social conservative and a slight libertarian tendency on the whole. My wife is a nurse, so I’m no stranger to the other side of health care. I consider it my duty to care of myself physically and mentally, and so my interactions with the system are infrequent.

    I’m not here to debate social medicine, I just wanted to point out that if you’re taking care of yourself, whatever you end up going in for is likely to be one of two things; relatively minor and treatable by a family physician during office hours or life-threatening, in which case you’re in emergency and dealt with in a pretty timely manner. Who are these people waiting for months for MRI’s and whatnot, costing the system tons of money and manpower? Largely people with preventable conditions. It’s not (entirely) the systems fault it’s overcrowded and overworked; it’s the fools that don’t take responsibility for themselves. An ounce of prevention saves billions of dollars, but the sheeple are irresponsible and wreck it for those of us that are happy with the concept of universal health care.