Episode-220- 9 Underrated Global Threats — 17 Comments

  1. Jack i wonder if CHINA OR JAPAN has any plans to get more involed in HARLEY DAVIDSON .Building plants etc ive heard for the last 15 years or so that a lot of the parts have been made overseas.

  2. Pardon my French, but I’ll start worrying about the Chinese auto industry when Chinese-made automobiles aren’t complete SHIT.

    Just search for “Chinese car crash test” and see for yourself. One-star crash ratings, and I’m pretty sure that’s only because there is no zero-star.

    Of course, that could be part of China’s plot to keep their population down.

  3. Something to make people smile. Its a comedic satire on the whole hippie/folky mountain man who is so tin foil hat left wing survivalist that it becomes laughable, but sometimes you have to laugh a little too… some might take offense, others might not get the joke. But I dunno… prepping for threats are good but sometimes taking a moment and laughing a little I think can be a good thing.

  4. @Chris

    You are about as short sighted as those that said the same things about Japanese and Korean cars not very long ago.

    Building a car isn’t that hard. Oh and for a good Chinese car check out Mercedes. Some of their cars are all but built in China right now. They are learning and they will get better very fast.

  5. The difference being that Japanese and Korean cars, while they might have been “underpowered rice burners” with “wimpy four-bangers” were at least passable cars that, back in the day, met the safety and emissions requirements that consumers demanded.

    While they might be cars in that they have four wheels and a motor, you’d be hard-pressed to sell a car that’s virtually guaranteed to kill you in an accident to today’s buyer.

    Eventually the Chinese domestic auto industry (not the manufacturing/assembly lines of foreign-engineered vehicles) will yield a good vehicle; but not any time in the near future.

  6. @Chris,

    I am sorry but you are just wrong, in early 2010 you are going to see a luxury car hit the market for about 30-35K right out of China. Nicely stolen from the work they have been doing for BMW. This car will compete with American, European and Japanese cars selling for 45-55K.

    I know you won’t believe me but in January, I will be coming back to say I told you so.

  7. Jack…great show…kind of like the first time I heard about Peak Oil. It freaked me out. What your describing sounds impossible to prepare for…does the quest for independence really help address these threats? Thanks.

  8. Jack,
    greetings from the peoples republic of NY. Great show, living well is the best revenge as the French say. China is definitely looking forward while we cling to a past that we have let slip through our fingers. Time to start looking into taking Mandarin lessons to give oneself an edge.

  9. Great show.. THe USA has demanded the cheap goods from CHina for decades. All the while they have been giving themselves their good stuff.

    FArmer D ran a piece yesterday about another threat to be aware of.
    I linked to the stories from my other blog at check it out.

  10. For years the best motor scooters were made in Japan. Then the Chinese started making their own knockoffs — sometimes part-for-part Honda compatible. The quality wasn’t very good, but they learned quickly. Especially when their American importers started demanding quality and sent over quality control advisors.

    Now the Chinese can make darn good scooters, for themselves and for others. The whole process took less than a decade. I expect the same for cars, but more rapidly.

  11. @Uncle Charlie,

    Exactly and further this time they have the following companies building cars with them inside China.


    Each is a target for Chinese purchase at some point. Further if you want talented automotive people right now you can get them. I bet if you wanted to hire some top GM folks and move them to China it won’t be hard to make happen.

    Last Hummer is now Chinese owned, we need not write this off, it is coming.

  12. Jack – These underrated threats may not be traveling around the survival scene but people like me who study end times prophecy have been very concerned about China and Russia for some time. If your listeners will research the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) they will find that these and other countries are forming an alliance to put an end to dependence on the U.S. In the bible, the U.S. is not involved in Armageddon but the Dragon (China) and the Bear (Russia) are dominant world leaders. Iran and Pakistan are getting involved in the SCO now also. Even if you doubt the bible, it is pretty scary to see the prophecies lining up. Check out Revelation 13, Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 7-12.

  13. On another “biblical” note, aquifers are compelling evidence for creation science and Noah’s flood. I took this from the Center for Scientific Creation website…

    “Many communities around the world get their water from deep, permeable, water-filled, sedimentary layers called aquifers. When water drains from an aquifer, the layer collapses, unable to support the overlying rock layers. A collapsed aquifer cannot be replenished, so how were aquifers originally filled?

    Almost all sorted sediments were deposited within water, so aquifers contained water when they first formed. Today, with aquifers steadily collapsing globally, one must question claims that they formed millions of year ago. As described in this chapter, liquefaction sorted sediments relatively recently.”

  14. Too me, it all comes back to oil. If China begins producing cars, the largest market in the world is their own country and India. If the number of cars on the road in those two countries doubles, where’s the oil that’s going to keep them moving? The fact is that there’s going to be two much larger competitors in the world market. The US can’t produce significantly more than we do today, the Saudis and the middle east are just about at peak production, so that leaves Africa and Russia. China is already positioning itself in Sudan, where the US elected to get out due to the instability. We get 10% of our imported oil from Venezuela, a country we’ve been in a war of words with for over a decade now. So we’re going to make uglier and uglier alliances with nastier and nastier people. We already funded 9/11 by buying from the Saudis, so where does it stop? When your enemies hold the puppet strings, you’ll dance any way they’ll tell you.

    Let’s not forget Europe’s growing need for Russian natural gas. Germany is now over 40% dependent with most of Europe deriving at least 25% of their gas from Russia. With the drive for clean energy, coal is so 1990; now more and more power plants are natural gas in Europe. In another five years they won’t be able to function without Russia’s gas. If Russia turns off the tap in the middle of winter, tens of thousands will freeze to death in the dark. That’s where Russia’s new power lies. They’re currently a broke country that’s not much of a threat, but Europe has been helpful enough to step up onto the chair and put the noose around their own neck.

    Finally, what happens when the price of oil goes up? Well, what percentage of agriculture needs deisel fuel to plow the fields, make fertilizer, spray the fertilizer, plant the seeds, make the insecticides, spray the insecticides, harvest the crops, process the crops, distribute the crops, and in some case, refrigerate the crops on the way to market? Nearly all of it depends on oil and/or natural gas. That means that for every dollar the price of oil rises, the price of food is going to rise. We saw prices rise at an alarming rate last summer when oil topped $100/barrel. What’s going to happen when one in ten Chinese has a car? How high will the price of food go when one in five Indians has a car?

    We may not be starving to death in the US, but what percentage of your income will be going to put food on the table and gas in the tank compared to today? Tell me that’s not a disaster of epic scale.

  15. You are reflecting the mainstream education model of global politics. That is a dialectic, a cover story to hide the real process. The chessboard is being controlled by the global government, through their banking and fraternal matrix, which is a reality, not a conspiracy theory. All of these claims can be proven by reading their own works. Countries re chosen for their roles based on the global agenda at the time and the technological capability to carry it out. Ideologies are just smokescreens. America was planned (New World > New World Order). They allowed a middle class to flourish because it suited their agenda- the needed a large population of tecnologically-oriented culture to advance the goals. Eventually, they knew they would have to destroy it before those partially-enlightened souls woke up to the rest of the story, which is EXACTLY where we are today. False national pride in an artificially-created country (stolen from the natives) goeth before a fall. We are in a race against the Global agenda. They are thinking Mission accomplished, next, forget the new world order and begin building the Global Order. It is already decided; it is just a matter of steering the sheep into the right pen (they determine the boxes and who thinks inside them). It doesn’t matter if it Putin or Mao, or Saddam, or billy graham, ad infinitum, they either go along with the agenda or get written out of the play. “Human resources” are all subservient to the transgenerational goals.
    Why is this big picture perspective important? Because eugenics is at the heart of the Globalist strategy. Times are going to get tough, without a doubt, as long as the global elite is allowed their masquerading about as if they run the show, and the lemmings kiss ass to keep their little piece of back yard status quo.
    It is not a question of whether America falls, but how hard and how far. As Long as we let a criminal, fraudulent, treasonous cabal run the government, and all the complicit public servants who say nothing, we are sinking in a cesspool of ignorance.
    I don’t care how well you plan your retreat or how well fed and armed you are, etc., If we don’t stop them there will be little left to defend. The battle of words is much easier to win than the physical battle. They will simply sweep everybody into their camps. Eventually they will get out to bungfuk Arkansas and come down your hidden trail or whatever…
    They have played out every scenario you can imagine because they have funded and controlled the think tanks and bright little scholars with ambition instead of moral values, compartmentalized into tiny cogs in the machine. They are at war continually with us. The Federal Reserve is the vampire sucking the life blood of the nation as all the somnambulists color their world within the lines. The only thing that will turn the tide is to realize we must fight now on every front, to expose the lies. People are operating under false assumptions because they want authority figures to tell them what to think. Analysis is hard work but survival depends upon it. How many times are we going to get suckered by liars and con artists and over-confident self-appointed “leaders?”
    Where is the front line in this battle? It is inside your head. They invaded it way before you were born, as you carry the implanted memes of several generations of false programming. They have invested heavily into maintaining this false paradigm via all of our institutions such as education, medicine, entertainment, news, financial, etc. These are not meant to serve you but to enslave. The truth eventually becomes obvious without the constant barrage of the senses.
    This is a battle that can turn on a dime when enough people become fully aware of the agenda, and they begin to see the real purpose behind global events, and start speaking out at every level against the bullshit. America is already a fascist state, they just hide it as long as they can get away with it as they loot our net worth and our future.