Episode-1937- Fishing For Food, Underrated Fish and How to Cook Them — 13 Comments

  1. I see more and kayak fishing around here. Picking one up in a few weeks. Would be nice to get farther out in the surf or when it’s too bad try out the bay side. Marshy area on the bay side would be great with a kayak.

  2. Hello Jack,

    With the fish recipe, was this the Hawaiian “red clay salt” you recommended a while back, or rock salt?

    Thanks for all you do.


    • With this I would use any salt and if I wanted some of the red do that at the end, adds a bit of crunch and flavor. I tend to use the red salt right at plating.

  3. Meat is meat in my book, raw meat, cooked meat, “trash” meat, I’d eat it all if need be, and I am sure everyone else would too, so…

  4. Not trying to defend IBM working with the Nazis, just another interesting counter point, only a few years later, International Business Machines (IBM), would be manufacturing American M1 carbines for the war effort.

    Henry Ford was an admirer of Adolf Hitler, but also his company manufactured jeeps, gliders, planes, tanks, and other machines for the war, and finding ways to be more efficient and faster in that production over other companies.

    The business practices of companies during the time leading up to and including WW2 are very interesting.

  5. Hey, for what it is worth, George Takei’s last name is pronounced “Teh-kay”, not “Teh-kye”.
    Pronouncing a person’s name correctly matters to me, what can I say? I welcome your eye-rolls…

  6. Love this show. I grew up around all this stuff: hunting, fishing, gardening…Now I have a little one that I need to teach this stuff to. Jack, you do a great job making me think about explaining everything a little better. Cheers

  7. For catfish, if you have a spot that you can access and find every time sink a few scrap pipes

    • Indeed and if you are a boat owner, make sure you sink PVC. You can do this and even make crappie trees, always PVC, then mark with your GPS. Why?

      Well PVC is the same density as water it won’t show on a depth finder, meaning you can create and hide your secret honey holes in plain site.

      Well known trick by crappie guides.

      Bull cats and channels (eatin size anyway) absolutely love about 1-2 foot long pieces of 4 inch and if you hang one they are generally not so big that you break off. You can just pull it in and toss it back.

      Here is a cool way to build underwater trees that you can pull a boat over and fish strait down to. Again they won’t show on sonar and this way you can jig or what have you and you won’t get snagged.

      Now I am giving away some well known secrets here but they are still sort of secrets, meaning most folks don’t know about em.

  8. On scaling fish, try a water hose with the nozzle set on ‘jet’ and spray from tail to head. The scales come right off (on crappie and bream anyway).

  9. I have several old books that list Jack Crevalle as inedible. In light of that, if you and I are the only ones eating it there will be enough for a lifetime.
    But now you have let the kitty out of the burlap. It will now be like chicken wings, selling for 10 times relative value compared to the 70’s. And, so fun to catch! (the Jacks not the chickens)