Episode-2201- Lyn Ulbricht on Silk Road Going to the Supreme Court — 5 Comments

  1. Great show. I wish more people would spread the word on this. Not just media, but actual people having conversations with friends and family.

    I do have a question for Lyn if she sees this. There are many media portrayals of the events surrounding the silk road and the investigation, the trial. Documentaries and such. All seem to conflict with the details that came to light after the trial. Are there types of video that provide an accurate summary of the events? Something which others could watch in an hour or two that would give them a reasonable grasp of the situation? Everything I have seen, even those that seem to show Ross in a more sympathetic light still tend to ignore the improprieties of the investigators and the judge. Is there a singular peice of media which can dispell some of the innacuracies the media has put forward?

    On a side note, The “Free Ross” lapel pins definately get people’s attention. Its started more than a few conversations, even with complete strangers on the street. Its shown that a lot of people seem to be aware of the case, but most are just confused about the details. Even those who seem to accept Ross as guilty reserve judgement because they admit they just dont know what the hell is going on. I think theres a huge number of people out there who would be very supportive of what your doing if only they knew more about what happened and whats at stake. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hello Jack,

    Great show, good, scary as hell, but good.

    Donated $100.00 to the defense fund, because of this episode.

    Dude, Y O U R O C K ! ! !

    Blessings to Lyn and Ross, hope the Supreme Court goes forward with this one.

    Thanks for all that you have done, are doing now and will do in the future.

    Blessings and regards to Clan Spirko and your loved ones.


  3. This show touched on a lot of important points. The development of governments that are as abusive as ours is becoming is a complex subject, but worthy of study. Those abuses have cut across my awareness, if not my personal life, so many times in just one lifetime, that they just can’t be ignored. I don’t blame those who want to find a way to get away from it, but if you take that course, it’s always possible the system will eventually catch up with you.

    Until I learned that the criminal mind, the psychopath, was real, I couldn’t understand the situation at all. But now that we know how to spot such people, the question remains, how do we take back control?

    The “criminal justice” system today is very close to being a total farce. For all I know, it has always been. It provides a “legal” way for the people in power to punish or stop their enemies. It very seldom provides justice. Even though my church makes a point of being friendly with police, they scare me, because I know some of the crazy lies they are told.

    If we really want to permanently correct the societal defects that have been showing over my lifetime (63 years), it can only be on the basis of rebuilding the entire thing, person by person. The task seems completely impossible, but I see no alternative to attempting to do it.

  4. Is there any update on whether or not the Supreme court decided to here his case?

  5. I didn’t know the story with Ross. Maximum security. Can you imagine the conversation? “What are you in for?” “Making a website.”Don’t mess with me man or I’ll hurcha bad.” Real dangerous.