Two Quick Notes From Jack

Just a heads up that this week is an event week.  That means if you email me anything with more than two sentences and no lives depend on it it will likely end up in the deleted folder.  Sorry but that is just is how things are in an event week.

You can send show materiel and that will be filtered for follow up, you can send customer service and I will do my best to see to it but if you send me a request for doing discounts, some detailed proposal, etc. this just ain’t the week.  Please do try to be understanding.

Next Nick and I have been doing a lot of videos, 13 so far and one more uploading right now. In a bit I will be cooking sausage for the event and doing a q and a on all the questions posted to those videos thus far.  Again the play list is called, TSP Workshop Oct.

On the embedded video frame below up in the left upper corner you will see some lines, if you click those it will pull down a list of all the episodes published so far.  Again no notes or links with these vids folks, sorry we are just too busy to do more than publish them.

5 Responses to Two Quick Notes From Jack

  1. I’ve emailed you to talk about an exciting opportunity with Amway…

    Just kidding! Good luck with the workshop, and thanks for all the great content!

  2. OK, weeks over… Gimme a show!!! 🙂

  3. Carson Liebenow

    Thank you for video taping this week. Can’t wait for more video.