Two New Videos on Permaculture Terrace Creation — 2 Comments

  1. Great video Jack.

    We just sold our house and are moving to our homestead in January. The 5 acres have a bit more than a slight slope. I think swale and terraces are the perfect way to restore the land.

    Sadly the owners had a logging company clear 2 acres. I LOVE the cleared land, but the sure did a number on it.

    The videos in the series have been a huge help. Thanks Jack and the rest of TSP!

  2. Thank you Jack. This is an excellent concept on developing productive gardening/forest space using minimal powered equipment. I have been collecting firewood for over four years and have about 40 ricks. You gave me a perfect use for my excess and aging firewood to use to transform my raw land into something more useful than sloped pasture. I don’t have any rocks on the land, so may need to use hugelkultur to build the terrace wall, using some of my larger wood pieces, and not going up more than a foot with the wall.