Two New Videos On Our Aquaponics and Aquatic Systems — 5 Comments

  1. I asked this on the TSP forum. But how many quail do you plan on keeping. And will you be offering detailed plans on the entire system. This is by far a great plan and one I plan on following. Thanks for all your work.

    • There are 45 right now and they don’t really seem over crowded or to produce too much waste. We might run up to about 90 girls but for now we are happy at this level.

  2. Hi, I’m Ernie, I asked about u getting aquaponics system in your setup when u started your pond about 3 years ago. Nice to see you finally got some going. I wanted to suggest putting a bell syphon system for your plants. It’s much better for growing plants. Fills rocks wt water then drains it for air then fills water again.. Repeated. Also fired clay balls seems to be better than volcanic rock. On an off note.. Look into ‘diy hydrogen fuel cell farm’ on google really good for power storage & u can use left over hydrogen to run in gas engine. You will be the envy of every permaculture farm.


      Oy vey! This is an aquatic system, now we actually do plan to incorporate some flood and drain but in a system this size it still won’t be aquaponics. We are running flood and drain in our AQUAPONICS system in the green house and quail aviary. If you look at the lower videos you might notices them.