Two New MSB Member Discounts — 8 Comments

  1. Shucks. Just bought soap from Simply Cleansing last night. Well, I have a feeling that we will like the soap so we can apply it when we order more.

  2. James, well you will be glad to know that I threw in an extra bar for you anyways! And that is a better deal than the discount anyways 😉

    MT Knives

  3. There are so many people on my FB wall talking about this cleanse and that cleanse that when I read the info on the Simply Cleansing discount and you mentioned lye I though yeah that ought to do it. It would most definitely be exhilarating in an old fashioned outhouse sort of way!

    Thanks for working so hard for us Jack!

  4. I’ve been using Simply Cleansing soaps for more than a year now. Put in an order before hearing about the discount and wondered about (but gladly accepted) the extra bar in my order. Happy to endorse this product.

  5. Hey Jack,
    You might want to check the link to Brink of Freedom in the MEMBERS area in the benefits and I tried it two times and got a 404 error message… cheers,