Turn Any Truck into a Rolling Power Station – Workshop with Steven Harris — 11 Comments

  1. I WILL Be encouraging the 2 guys bringing their vehicles to be part of the workshop to BRING SOLAR PANELS… so there might be some solar there for the work shop. They are down to $150 each right now. Steven Harris

    • Well in that case Steve I will add a panel to my equipment as well. So solar will happen too.

      Now if we were to light saber it and put a windmill on top of the truck, then……………..ROFLMAO but I had you about ready to tweak out Steve.

    • @Steve you said,

      “I’d probably go with the 250. ”

      To whit I say, “so let it be written so let it be done”.

  2. Sounds like it will be fantastic! I just went back and listened to Steve’s episodes and have been shopping some of the items mentioned, more for the home based battery bank rather than the mobile option. Wonderful ideas and products.

    Please, whom ever attends the class, don’t spill wine on Steven’s pants – it makes him grumpy!

  3. I am glad I got in on this, and frankly am surprised you don’t yet have 24 people signed up yet as I’m writing this on early Thursday afternoon. Perhaps a lot of us paid for the videos on this already? Not sure; but was quite surprised to find out you’re going to feed us for three days; extra Q&A sessions, barter blanket, and more! for the cost you are charging, quite a deal.
    Looking forward to the event!

    • No not really. Steve already sells a DIY DVD for that purpose. I have promised him that I will give him rights to all footage so he may improve that product. I see that as only fair. We will video the two bonus clinics though.