Episode-88- TSP Rewind – Some of the Greatest Lies Ever Sold — 3 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure I heard the original airing of this, but I know it didn’t have the impact.
    I wanted to share a statement made by one of my college professors, but let me try to be clear, I attempted several degrees, and I wound up studying public administration, the professor I’m about to quote was the Dean of political science, and I loved every lecture from this man because to this day I don’t have the slightest clue as to whether he’s a liberal or conservative.
    The “timeliness of this is your statement that we don’t need government for so many things, and I agree!
    On my first day, I was asked what part of my life didn’t involve government intervention. I won’t ramble on, but by the end of the “cross examination” NOTHING . The fda had a day on my breakfast and coffee, the dot has every say on my route and speed going to class, and the fcc had a say on the alarm clock that woke me up. This isn’t even touching the epa and various public utility commissions that had a say on my shower water and fixture. a
    My opinion “we have way to much government involvement, and every law passed to interfere with something so simple as an alarm clock had to have been based on a lie”.
    As always, thanks for what you do.