Episode-84- TSP Rewind – Cooking With Garden Bounty, Game Meat, Preps And More — 1 Comment

  1. Just listened to this rewind and again a great show. Jack being from Northern Ireland your recipe for soda is spot on but instead of cooking it in the oven the traditional way is to make it about 1 inch thick cakes then cut in half. Cook this on a greased griddle pan over an open fire (traditional a fire fueled by peat/turf).

    You can also get griddles for gas or electric stoves now. You will find the taste so much better and if it’s eaten hot off the griddle cut in half and covered in butter?

    Also you might like to try traditional potato bread where you substitute the flour for mashed potatoes and don’t add the baking soda. Mix this into dough make into a thick pancake about 1/4inch thick and cook on griddle.

    Thanks jack and keep up the great shows