Episode-77- TSP Rewind – The Missed Lessons of Major Disasters — 2 Comments

  1. When I used to work in the offshore oil exploration industry and we had to deal with a minor disaster (breaking a lot of expensive equipment, for instance), one of my managers used to joke that:

    “The lesson learnt from this disaster is that the lessons were not learnt from the previous disasters”.

  2. Re: mob mentality and breaking rules

    A past guilty pleasure of mine was a kind of social experiment on airline flights that had just landed. Right after the plane has stopped pulling into the gate but before they turn off the seatbelt sign, I flicked the buckle on my seat belt so it makes that loud clack that sounds like unbuckling the belt. I always had at least a few people around who start unbuckling and getting up right after (sometimes more on international flights)  😉

    I haven’t done it in awhile since I’ve already seen the results enough times (and I don’t want to give the flight crew any harder a time than necessary)…. though I might be tempted the next time I fly in a new country. Japan comes to mind, given some of the aspects of their culture and social norms.