Episode-68- TSP Rewind – How Taxation Enslaves Society — 4 Comments

  1. Can anyone please explain to me why there are never any stars seen in space? As you all probably know, SpaceX just launched their Falcon Heavy the other day, and once again, just like with NASA missions- no stars. I’m aware of the current explanation for this anomaly – lens glare and/or severe light conditions, but really?! Really?!  How long are we going to accept this nonsense answer?  As a hobbyist photographer I simply adjust the contrast for any given light condition. The Tesla roadster supposedly lifted up into space has multiple cameras on it, but no stars! I can see stars from the ground in daylight through miles and miles of atmosphere. Light conditions does not interfering with this reality.  In space where there is no atmosphere the star show should be breathtaking! Please don’t tell me about the Apollo missions to the moon. Everyone should look at the amp hours available from the batteries said to be used – those batteries with those rated amp hours didn’t exist off-shelf as they said, and even if they did,  would’ve been forced to discharge too quickly for all life support systems, including heating and cooling in the severe temperature environments, etc. (NASA’s pdf on the Apollo Lunar Service Module electrical system).



  2. Great selection of rewinds this week Jack – especially this one.  Many thanks.  Hope you are having a fantastic time a Liberty Forum.

  3. I Gree with Bruce. Great rewind week.

    I also like the new site format – at least how it is on my Android. Much easier to navigate.