Episode-41- TSP Rewind – Leadership and Its Role for American Survival — 2 Comments

  1. Jesus, Jack, “Make sure every single man eats first, if they haven’t you fix it, then you eat”.

    For the last several years now in the military I have seen the EXACT OPPOSITE. It’s a F-ing shame.

    • Really? I don’t even know what to say! It has been the cornerstone of leadership in my life since I first learned it. I have applied it way beyond food, take care of your people first, then take care of yourself.

      There are the extremes of course the analogy of put your mask on in the plane before helping your child type of things but my men have always come first, in the military, in business, in sports, in life.

      I still do it with food, ask anyone who has come to a workshop, unless I have a fire to stomp, I am always being bitched at my the kitchen staff to eat, and I am always looking for anyone that might miss chow.

      I don’t even understand a military where this is not how things are. I don’t know how an NCO or Officer would expect a man to follow him into the guns, if that individual put his needs before their own. Fuck you NEVER TAKE FROM YOUR MEN.

      Even the CSM would come into the chow hall late, stand at the back of the line and chat with his soldiers in my battalion. First they take away bayonet training, now this.