Episode-30- TSP Rewind – The Basics of Fishing Gear — 1 Comment

  1. Good show, I learned some interesting stuff. On a side note,one thought to add on first aid and safety is that if you have any cuts on your hands then wear water proof gloves when fising along edges of rivers, ponds, lakes and even the sea shore because of the danger of getting weils disease from rats urine. Rats are mostly invisable by day but having worked at night in a previous job I often saw them in groups at night actually groups of pairs. Rats like to live at the boundry between land and water so that they get the best of both worlds, they are good swimmers and excellent climbers, also rats dont have a bladder to store water therefore they have to drink regularly.

    They are very very short sighted near blind beyond a few feet but have good hearing and an excellent sense of smell, also they are very sensitive to vibration from anything or anyone walking within many metres from them, probably up to at lest 50 metres, they are very skilled at sniffing out food and then figuring out how to get to it.

    The evolved by poisening the food of mammals with their infected urine then they return to eat the carcas and breed, That is the only way they can take down large mammals. Very few people get weils disease but it kills like mengenitis if not treated immediately. Some patients die anyway regardless of treatment. Rats often leave a smell which is fairly unique to them (somehing like a mix of cow urine and rotten eggs) if you can imagine what that might smell like.

    If the water is flowing then I imagine that there would be less of a risk from the floating water. Rats like to sleep in the putting holes in the greens of golf courses, especially the one nearest the pond, it’s warmer and more sheltered down there, it is the perfect size for them and may be safe from a foxes and dogs if the hole is lined and deep enough, hence ‘golfers disease’. I wouldn’t let rats put me off fishing but I would bring waterproof gloves just in case I needed them.