Episode-28- TSP Rewind – Ben Franklin on Modern Survivalism — 6 Comments

  1. Just noticed that I am not able to download or listen to the episode (as a rewind episode) as there is no “play in popup” or “download” option as there are with usual podcasts.

    I can likely go to the original episode 845 and listen to the original, but I think that there might have been a tech gremlin with this one.

  2. “Surround yourself with those who share your values…”
    Well for someone who likes music, metal, hardcore and even some punk, I’ve found most consumers of this type of music share my values, it’s the bands that don’t! Not sure if it’s all for show, actually who knows?

    So when you come across a band that shares your values, promote the hell out of them.

    Good band from upstate NY, WarTimeManner. linked song is call Preppers from their album Victory Demands Sacrifice. Also have a song on this album called “I plead the 2nd” with some Charlton Heston quotes. Pretty awesome.