TSP Rewind – Training Dogs to Fit in on the Homestead – Epi-265 — 1 Comment

  1. So sorry for your loss of Charlie. I met him at a workshop when your TX place was newer to you while he was still a pup.

    Dogs teach us the qualities God encourages: unconditional love, immediate forgiveness, living life to the fullest every day, never being afraid to act silly in play. Loyalty is a gift for the trustworthy in that dog’s life.

    Our relationship with our dog is up to us to cultivate. The quality of that relationship is 100% on us. I’ve been blessed with a few great dogs. Each one an individual personality and spirit. I lost that “one dog of a lifetime” to cancer a year and a half-ago.

    The scar tissue from the heartbreak of losing a beloved dog only enlarges our heart for the next ones in our life. Each dog in turn trains us for the next.

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