Episode-25- TSP Rewind – The Profitable Small Acre Homestead — 4 Comments

  1. This is a fantastic podcast.
    I hope I can convince my oldest son to listen to it.
    Along with your other similar ones, I envision myself with a garage I can open each day to present a small array of produce – micro greens, pumpkins, potted plants – I have a dwarf peach variety that I will now try and grow plants from seed, and I found 20 or so pumpkin seeds sprouting in my worm farm.- the ideas are great – at the end you mentioned it is good to do this with others – that’s where I would benefit also – the process of bringing it altogether is overwhelming and whilst exciting in the vision in my mind, harder to actually start putting into action.
    So I’ll listen again while I can write the ideas down that your podcast inspires in me.
    A friend is pulling up their deck and thinking of sending all the old decking to the tip – I’m tempted to take it all – a lot may be rotted, but some would be salvageable – would the rotted wood eventually break down, or just be a waste of time lying around?
    Thanks for your podcasts, I love them, I listen while I’m doing my regular job of cleaning – you said one day on a show that cleaning is fine, as long as 10 years later you’ve learnt how to monopolise on that to create a better income… well I haven’t, but I’ve started writing a book on cleaning and other stuff – much as I love the job because it allows me to grow in so many scopes of knowledge, health challenges over the last 2 years are pushing me into a corner to think outside the box – which brings me back to my initial comment, this is a fantastic podcast.
    Thanks for all your investments into people’s lives.
    I’m from Australia – the only reason I haven’t subscribe is because I don’t know that I’d utilise the Member Support Brigade.. however I probably will anyway.
    Thanks and God Bless

  2. Jack, I was wanting to email you and tell you about two different very successful market gardeners, Curtis Stone and John Martin Fortier. Since you mentioned in this podcast that some market gardeners make 70k to 150k a year and use 30″ wide beds, I suppose you know of these very successful small scale farmers.
    This was a terrific podcast episode. I’m planning to scale up after starting with a quarter acre garden, and definitely on 30″ wide beds that are barely raised.

    • Yep Curtis is a friend and has been on the show several times. John Martin is a good guy, met him a few times.