Episode-24- TSP Rewind – You Are Your Only Solution — 3 Comments

  1. great rewind. I’ve been practicing many zero waste principals after reading The Zero Waste Home. It’s changed lots of my habits for the better. I’m take the trash out about once a month at the most and using dog food bags as the trash bag.

  2. Jack – excellent rewind episode. Many thanks for it; I listened in my car the first time, and then at home so I could pause to take notes (and I took a lot). Your thoughts on education as well as your definition of education had me applauding your show. You asked for someone to quote you, and here is much of that segment (I’ve not checked Forum, may also be there):

    “Education’s not just school. It’s all information that’s put into your mind, processed, retained and used to deduce further information. Can we redefine education with that way right now? All information, taken into your mind, processed and used to deduce additional information and to understand and interpret additional information. That’s what education really is.

    So you might learn how to carve and then when you carve a different type of wood, you feel that it’s different. So, you use what you already know to interpret this new way this wood particularly carves, and you adapt to carving a harder or softer piece of wood. … That’s education.

    So education is all the information that goes into your brain and is processed to make decisions and deduce other information.”

    Brilliant. Education is not simply 8 hours a day of sitting in a chair or being in a building; it doesn’t start/end/stop there. It’s more than the books and computer. It’s life, and it’s nonstop. THANK YOU for this segment.

  3. Jack, it gave me joy to know you used the episode for TSP Rewind. This is my all-time favorite episode and is the single episode that sold me on your show. I found your show a few days before this one aired and listened to the episodes leading up to it. But once I heard this, I was in and have been listening ever since. Personally, I feel it should go on the link for “show for new listeners”. It gets to the heart of all we are doing. We are our only solutions for our lives. Thanks Jack