TSP Rewind – A Painful Economic & Social Evolution – Epi-237 — 4 Comments

  1. Fantastic talk!
    Only suggestion is to check into the NASA fraud regarding the purely materialistic promoted view that we are on a rock spinning around a purely physical universe, and that we can leave the atmosphere to travel to and land on another alleged rock, and travel even further. I am not promoting a “flat earth” model either. BOTH are parts of an intentionally materialistic dichotomy, although the latter is closer. The same systems that fund and promote NASA, are the ones which coerce us into participating in them. Same with the Pharmaceutical poison sham, including toxic vaccines, and a very myopic adherence to Germ THEORY. Man made climate change, and on and on with the deceptions.
    Peace and Anarchy ?

  2. I might be a moron, but how can I get to the document about where anarchism has worked in the show notes?