TSP Rewind – Gun and Hunting Wisdom of our Fathers – Epi-234 — 1 Comment

  1. My stepfather grew up in Little Rock in the 1950s-60s. He told me once that when he was 12, he went to the local drug store and bought a .22 for plinking and small game. He then slung the rifle over his should and rode the bus home. No cops called, no tactical swat deployment, no safe spacing. Just a country boy riding the bus home with his new gun.

    People say times change, and that’s true enough to be plainly apparent. What doesn’t is fundamentals. The drug store didn’t change, neither did the bus or the rifle. Only the people.

    For my part my grandfather taught me to shoot at 6yrs old with his trusty 5 shot Taurus. I still have that gun to this day. At 6yrs old children of today aren’t taught anything about guns, except maybe to be afraid of them and run and tell an adult if they see someone with one. Education and experience are being replaced by ignorance and fear. Again, the people are the fundamental component… the only thing that truly changes.