TSP Rewind – 20 Simple Prepper Steps Every American Should Take – Epi-222 — 3 Comments

  1. I copied these Comments from the original 2014 post. I’m sharing them here, since they’re still good:
    where is the link to “acquire some means of back up communications”?

    Michigan Nimrod | December 21, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Not sure what Jack was going to post but here on some awesome shows on the matter:?
    Fanny | December 18, 2014 at 11:51 pm |

    Liked this one. I’ve been focusing like a laser beam on my financial health and well-being so I’m concentrating on number 2,7,15,20 and 21. So thanks for those Jack. Anyway, while doing a bit of study on finances I came across some ratios I thought interesting and wanted to share.

    1. Liquidity Ratio: Ability to handle emergencies. Target 3-6 months.
    Liquidity Ratio = Cash or Cash Equivalents/Monthly Committed Expenses

    2. Asset to Debt Ratio: Determines what you owe vs. what you own
    Asset to Debt Ratio = Liquid + Non Liquid Assets/All current debt(liabilities)

    3. Current Ratio: Ability to service short term liabilities
    Current Ratio = Cash + Cash Equivalents/Short term liabilities

    4. Debt Service Ratio: Ability to make payments
    Debt Service Ratio = Short term liabilities/Total income

    5.Savings Ratio: Monthly surplus generated by total cash flow
    Savings ratio = monthly surplus/monthly income

    6. Solvency Ratio: Compares net-worth to total assets
    Solvency Ratio = Net-worth/Total Assets

    7. Investment Assets to total assets: Compares liquid assets held against total assets accumulated
    Investment assets to total assets = Liquid assets/Total assets

    8. Wealth Ratio: Make this ratio a part of my life and my life will change
    Wealth Ratio = Portfolio Income + Passive Income/ Expenses

    *Goal is 1 or higher

    Ratios 1-7 are from a blog (I don’t remember the source). The ratios are from notes I took from the blog. Anyway, Number 8 is from the Rich Dad Poor Dad guy. I find these ratios interesting because I’ve never heard of them until now and I think these may the most useful ratios to determine my financial resiliency.

  2. 7 years old podcast and nothing is outdated, quite remarkable. The presentation flowed extremely well, stressing flexibility and offering suggested options to achieving the goals cited put it over the top.

    Just curious, several offers were made, $5 for one and then $300 for another; did anyone show up?