Episode-22- TSP Rewind – Massad Ayoob on Lethal Force Aftermath — 4 Comments

  1. I had the opportunity to train with Massad last year, and it was absolutely the best “bang for the buck” that you could ask for. I did MAG-40 which included both extensive range time and classroom time on exactly the topic of this interview. I still read through the notes I took to refresh myself from time to time. If you ever get the chance to go…DO IT. There are benefits beyond just what you learn…believe me.

    I for one will be going back, I missed out on an autographed $1 bill by one lousy point on the qualifier shoot at the end…I’m going back for a re-match!

  2. This is a very educational episode. We also liked the interview recently with the guy who talked about — something just doesn’t look right, predators with their eyes forward, prey with eyes on the sides of their heads — I forget his name but that was a good show too.