Episode-19- TSP Rewind – Building Your Own Long Term Rations — 2 Comments

  1. As a Truck driver I had a hard time finding foods that didn’t put me to sleep. I bought a travel crock pot to make my Chili in, I used all the traditional ingredients but I didn’t have a way to get ground beef. So I used beef jerky cutting it into small pieces. I have also used walnuts and pecans coarsely ground. absolutely delicious.

  2. Hey Thanks!

    Many useful tips. In a majore situation to to prepare stores easy to use. Hopefully heading back thru an educational step, and must make food to access the best I am able for a family member who had an huge salt intolerance to stay healthy. “Bumming bones” from every farmer/hunter I know to make and pressure can broth. Many thanks for your shared info.

    Love your podcasts.