Surviving Thanksgiving with Chef Keith Snow – Episode-181 – TSP Rewind — 3 Comments

  1. Found this in the comments from 2017 show. I lost my copy, so reposting here:

    Jack’s Special Chestnut Sausage Stuffing
    3-6 cups dried stuffing cubes or your own dried bread (based on how much you want as a binder)
    Chicken/Turkey stock sufficient for the above bread stuffing
    Butter for the above stuffing mix plus two table spoons
    1 cup finely diced celery
    1 cup finely diced white or yellow onions
    1-2 20-oz bags of Galil Pre Cooked Chestnuts  (use as much as you want but at least one bag)
    2 lbs of sausage, (breakfast, mild Italian, Jacks Special, it is your choice, but something with either a good sage and/or fennel flavor is best)
    4-6 Slices of Good Thick Sliced Bacon
    1 Handful Chopped Fresh Parsley
    4-6 Fresh Sage Leaves finely sliced
    Salt and Pepper (to taste)
    Make up 2-4 cups (dry measure) of traditional bread stuffing (as per your method or instructions on the package).  When you do be sure to use broth vs. water.    Set aside.
    Make sausage into large thin patties, fry like ham burgers until cooked though.  Set aside on towel to drain, leave sausage grease and stuck on bits in pan.
    Fry your bacon until fat is well rendered out of it but the bacon itself is not fully crisp yet, reserve to side with sausage to drain.
    Once bacon and sausage has cooled, cut into small pieces, cut the sausage into cubes about the size of bread cubes in pre-made stuffing mix.
    Coarsely chop your chestnuts, put celery and onions into pan and sauté until onions begin to turn clear.
    Add chestnuts to pan along with the additional 2 tablespoons of butter, gently toss to coat with pan leavings, fold back in sausage and bacon.
    In an oven safe pan, (for this I just use the toss away aluminum ones) combine the sausage and chestnuts with the bread stuffing, mixing lightly until mixture is uniform.  Sprinkle bacon on top, if you are prone to “stealing bacon” cook a few extra pieces to account for this.
    At this point, everything is basically done and you could eat it.  I prefer to bake it covered with foil at 375 for about 25 minutes, then uncovered until the top is just brown.  To brown to a nice top crisp turn on the broiler for a few moments to finish it, but if you do this do not take your eyes off it.
    For meals like Thanksgiving I make this up, first thing in the morning, then cover and set aside, 40 minutes before serving time (bird is out of the over by then) pop it in and finish it off.  You can even make it up the day before, if you do though leave more time to reheat it as you must refrigerate it overnight.
    Note – this makes a LOT of food, if you have a smaller gathering cut all ingredients in half.   Or just use 3 cups vs. 6 cups of bread mix, you can even omit the bread all together and it will be really good but not what most people expect in a “stuffing”.