Eggs the Back Yard Protein that Fed Americans for Generations – Epi-173 – TSP Rewind — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, this episode led me to the 3+hr q&a on raising quail and also to the Kickstarter page for the quail tracker. I couldn’t find any info on the tracker other than the Kickstarter. Was the idea dropped or am I missing a link somewhere?

    • One of the partners became a drag, we closed the “company” but I gave the third partner the green light to make them under a different name after it ended.

      Sadly Steve Larken the man we all dearly loved in our community died early this year. He had a stroke and could not recover and was taken off life support and allowed to pass peacefully according to his wishes.

      Steve fought a long 25 year battle that involved 2 kidney transplants and multiple heart operations. He never blinked at covid and thank God he did not spend his last 1.5 years hiding from it.

      He is the older gentleman with solo cup in hand high over head, overalls on as always. Just behind and to the right of the guy holding the mic at the laptop in this picture.

      He was 30 days out from a heart surgery in this picture. He was a hella warrior.

      His widow is still running the cage building for now. Michael Croft on the TG group can hook you up, I THINK with getting one or something really close to the design.

      That pic is epic and so many members people know the names of are in it. Jessica Mills, Marty Brooks, John Bush, The Awesome Sauce, Charlie Daniels the Dog and I am grateful Steve was there. I did not expect to say all this when I saw your question, but thanks for asking it.