Raised Bed Gardening for Dummies – Epi-171 – TSP Rewind — 1 Comment

  1. I personally have 6 4’x16′ raised beds and love them. One thing though is I would not go any wider than 4 feet because any wider and you will struggle accessing the center of the beds without stepping up into them (compressing the soil). This is especially true for shorter folks who might actually benefit from 3 ft width beds.

    One product that I really like is the heavy craft paper weed block. Put it down and then cut into it to plant your plants (or cut a lengthwise strip for seed row). It works amazing and decomposes by the end of the season (when its not needed so much) so you don’t have to deal with pulling up a synthetic weed block. This plus a drip auto watering system has led to some of the most productive seasons I’ve ever had. Not a single plant got blight.