Leadership and Its Role for American Survival – TSP Rewind Epi-166 — 3 Comments

  1. Nice talk about an important topic…except, you apologizing every time you make a point that you think might offend somebody.

    Kind of destroyed the premise of being a leader.

    Make your comments, stand by them and quit apologizing

    Just my two cents

    • May be you need to work on your listening comprehension? I did not apologize one time for my actual opinion I only sought to make sure I was understood but I can only bring down the level of comprehension so low you know. I also do not apologize for this comment.

    • C’mon Coach, this podcast was from, like, 10 years ago. If Jack was overly-apologetic back then, he’s more than made up for it now by being such a jerk.

      Jack, I might not agree with everything you say, but you truly have some darn sensible and valuable teaching in your show. Keep being a jerk.