Episode-153- TSP Rewind – Life Hacks from the TSP Community — 2 Comments

  1. “We learn precisely enough to keep us from wanting to know any more.”

    This is incorrect.

    A better way to say what is the actuality of govern-cement schooling is that they teach a closed loop, circular reinforcing system. Thus, when the child learns each of the pieces, the child thinks that there is no more, and they are limited to thinking within the system.

    Why do we teach calculus to kids in highschool? The single most worthless class of mathematics i have ever taken. (discrete math has been far more useful) They teach calculus so that you will never question math. And the assumptions that modern math is built on are incorrect. But, with calculus, you will never see those assumption, you will never question the system.

    Why is it so hard to questions the spinning globe earth? (i do not know what shape the earth is, and neither do you)
    Because of the circle of “science” we are indoctrinated with. Gravity is based on mass. Earth is a great big ball of matter/mass.
    Thus, the earth has to be a great big ball, or we would fly off into space.

    Although gravity being based on mass has been disproven, although there is quite a lot of evidence that we are not on a spinning sphere, we can never talk about this, because of the self supporting logic loop that was jammed into our brains.

    So, its not really that we learn enough, it is that we are taught a closed system. And usually one convoluted enough to make you never want to really analyze it.

    • The quote has nothing to do with the education system and rather how people act on their own.