Episode-151- TSP Rewind – 14 Life Rules of a Modern Survivalist — 3 Comments

  1. Of your comments on ass-heads up north; we live in -21 F Wisconsin and totally sympathize with the Texas situation. We have several friends in Texas and have kept in contact with them through this difficult time. We visited them in September 2014 near Galveston and the heat and humidity was well beyond what we were capable of enduring for any length of time. I’ve not witnessed any smug attitude towards the situation in southern states hit by this disaster around here, but I have shared compassion and concern with others.
    The real antagonist in this is China that is ridiculing our entire country and capitalist system. Next in line are numerous Democrat lawmakers and Hollywood stars declaring that Texas had it coming, the wrath of God for punishment for whatever.

  2. A good test of your preps (especially this March) for anyone who lives in the affected area . Look at these things optimistically ,they can always be worse !