Episode-144- TSP Rewind – More about the Toolbox Fallacy — 2 Comments

  1. We are the 2%

    You should do a show on routine. 

    The benefit of a morning / evening routine in addition to a weekly review.

    Seek audience feedback on the rituals they engage in.

    This is a great topic that I initially heard on another podcast.

    To hear you bring this up on Step 13 is synchronicity defined. 

    You’re a good leader, Jack.  Thanks for putting in the work on these 13 Steps.

    If you’re interested, here’s some insight on my thoughts on Step 11…it’s a video on YouTube.

    Hopefully others have documented this in a similar manner…a great addition to the journal notes.

    If not – may this be an example of just one way to document the journey we’re on.  DO THIS.

    Many say that 2020 has been a hell of a year – and I wholeheartedly agree.

    Every year of my life has been the best year of my life including this one.

    2020 is no different – and this 13 Step plan makes it even better.

    Thank you, Jack.  Look forward to listening to this episode.

    Look forward to hearing you tomorrow as well.

    Welcome back.  Hope you had a great vacation.

    You deserve it…

    …and here’s to getting what you want in life.



  2. I’m done…was laid off at the beginning of this mess and they called me back.  Not going back.  I have elder care responsibilities AND I have my own life.

    My business license application went in the mail yesterday.

    The domain is purchased, insurance quotes in hand, accounting software looked at, supplies bought, researching rates, toying with the advertising info.

    Target September  1.    I’d do it now…..but mother blew her rotator cuff.   Just a bump in the road.

    Its  time I control my success.