Episode-13- TSP Rewind – Winter is Coming Are You Ready — 5 Comments

  1. Waze is a great navigation app that not only let’s others know your ETA but also your exact location. Could save your butt if someone is able to let emergency services know exactly where you are.

  2. Thanks for the rewind Jack. Because of this show, I got off my rear end and setup/tested my inverter.

    Following Steven Harris’ How to power your house with your car, I bought an inverter, cables, etc – BUT I hadn’t set it up and tested it. SO, I spent some time over the weekend setting up the inverter the way Steven Harris described in his How to Power Your House from Your Car show. Even better, after I got it going, I showed the wife how to set it up so she can set it up as well.

    It’s been cool hearing some of the older shows and then reviewing what I’ve done/haven’t done since that show.

  3. I really wish I could have a better alternative heat source for my home but I live in a condo and a wood stove is not an option. All I have is my furnace and a space heater. One thing I do have is an electric blanket, which I can sleep under until it is 35 degrees. I could get a kerosene or propane heater but I don’t like the idea of having non-vented heat. I wonder if my association would let me install a wall mounted gas unit. I’ve thought about my lack of backup heat for years, before I even thought of prepping. It just bugs me.