Episode-126- TSP Rewind – Using Logical Methods and Function Stacking for Decision Making — 5 Comments

  1. Firstly, this is one of the best episodes I’ve heard. Both the preamble and the actual episode. I started listening a few months after this was first aired.

    second, do you have a recommended item for a Dutch oven?  I looked and couldn’t find much. 

  2. Well I briefly looked on amazon. There are lots of options most are enameled. Most did not have a multi-functional lid. I do think enameled makes sense for the non stick function baking but perhaps that’s unnecessary. I love my cast iron pans. I’ve only used a Dutch oven a couple times. It seems like a valuable skill as you mention and super functional item.

  3. Okay so you want cast, no enamel with a recessed lid correct?

    Feet on bottom or flat bottom?

    Want to cook in an oven or in a fire?

    Enamel is great for oven only use. Useless in a camp fire. Answer the above questions and I can tell you exactly what you should get.

  4. Haha. I like your direct questions. I guess in short my answer is it depends and perhaps I don’t know.  Kinda was hoping for an item of the day type breakdown

    1) yes cast

    2) why would you want feet?

    3) want to be able to cook on both but primarily in the oven