Episode-09- TSP Rewind – Most Americans Are Little More than Proud Slaves — 5 Comments

  1. These rewinds are great — I was turning off lights in the house hearing about the tax on electricity while listening. But really, what is our escape plan? Have I got this right? 1) Paying off all personal debt, 2) Homeschooling, 3) Self -reliance as much as possible in the U.S.

    There is no cure for the national debt. Try to work with local municipality to reduce spending, debt, and increase liberty? Community building — What else is there?

    I appreciate the idea of trying to live a good full life within the boundaries. Just trying to develop our best plans and actions.

  2. All political parties are corporate entities that represent corporate interests.
    All fiat currencies eventually collapse. Plan
    Most people don’t want to wake up. Plan
    Lead by example you can’t force people.
    Over a century of government programming is hard to change.

  3. K and Sam, no question it is beyond obvious most Americans are slaves of their own ignorance. But they have been deceived and brain washed from birth, so it is no wonder many are mind effed and not really capable of thinking for themselves. The simple truth is that we all live under many illusions created for us by others and all of those illusions are simply control mechanisms to control the masses.

    The only possible answer to change anything is to understand these illusions so you are not a victim of them. and to do that we must go inside ourselves and be brutally honest with ourselves about how we too have all participated in these illusions in many ways and simply change that part.

    This is what out “Inner Journey” is all ab0ut, living in truth ! Our government , PRAVDA/MSM and the corpratocracy they have created are all working against us 24/7/365 to control us and our tax dollars to be used against us in a myriad of ways. Unfortunately very people understand the depth of these matters and simply muddle along allowing it all to continue.

    There is a much better way and it all starts with personal honesty and a far greater understanding of what is really going on in this country. PRAVDA/MSM is the source of power for the control freaks we call our government.They can crate any narrative or dialogue they deem necessary or ignore any they deem necessary. It is a pure form of propaganda not at all any differnt than the Soviet state circa 1950s, 60s, 70, 80s, or the Hitler regime with the Goebbels propaganda machine that suppr3essed all truth and created the false reality for the masses.

    Part of the problem here in USSA today is that many Americans have become fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled, apathetic and cowardly to act. As well we can see congress is not working for us, but for themselves . Our government represents the illegal aliens an supposed refugees far more than our own citizens ? so it is no longer even legitimate ! Bottom line is that we must deal in the truth of these matters or we will lose all. Unfortunately very few outlets speak any of these truths so the madness continues. Here is how the control freaks do what they do very easily

  4. Love these rewinds and this is the best one so far, but they are all good. Shows how issues today existed years ago, decades ago. So glad Jack is doing these!

  5. While I am glad I was born in America with its reasonably well written Constitution and having enjoyed the “American Dream” of the post-WWII period of the ‘40s through ‘60s, I am sorry to say even the mostly elite, property-owning, framers of the Constitution didn’t want the masses to have too much control in running the country.

    Whenever the masses rose up, throughout American history, the very top wealthy elite would, one way or another, quell this – particularly to their own advantage. This can be seen in a number of documentaries including Requiem for the American Dream (NetFlix and Amazon) and PBS’s very recent documentary American Dream, where they quote the very insightful, comedian, the late George Carlin, saying about the American dream, “You have to be asleep to believe it.”

    I do not believe in some kind of liberal give-away government. I, like Jack, believe more in a “minarcist” existence. Not one of some solitary survivalist existence, but an existence of small communities centered around restoration agriculture farms that are run by consensus and the permaculture ethics by people who have reskilled themselves to collectively survive in the current economic and political environment AND be able to transition into whatever may come.