Episode-008- TSP Rewind – Reclaiming Modern Education — 2 Comments

  1. Jack, you said the greatest word in sales and marketing is “no.”

    Dive into that a bit deeper would you? I’m very interested in your take here.

    Reason I ask, is I’ve found the more I make myself a scarcity, in sales that is, the more my success is in landing new business. It’s completely counter-intuitive. But now when I’m dealing with a prospect, I am interviewing them as opposed to the other way around and my success ratio in closing QUALIFIED prospects has grown exponentially.


  2. I enjoyed this rewind. I have been encouraging my daughter to figure a way to insert herself in her kids education. Her oldest just entered middle school and has been very unhappy. As of this week, she is now in a self directed learning, home school program. They live in a separate house on our small farm so her child can come here to study if needed, she simply walks across the drive to get here. I am so hopeful this will work out well for her. A big bonus for my grand daughter and me is the time we can spend together in my art studio together. She loves to come over and paint with me. She will get a proper course in classic drawing skills and art history as a starting point. She will also get some first hand exposure to running a small business and what it takes to be successful. I will encourage her to write some guest blogs to post on my website site regarding what she is learning. She will need to use basic math and geometry in developing composition for drawings and paintings, understand perspectives, and learn how art has impacted history throughout the world. I hope she has as much fun as I will teaching her.