Episode-04- TSP Rewind – You Can’t Lose as a Modern Survivalist — 4 Comments

  1. Hey. I Believe you mentioned in this podcast that you don’t want to be called a leader and explained something about it. Anyway sometime last year I posted innocently with reference to leadership and your self. In your reply I was taken aback and surprised. Well tonight I am listening to this discussion in the link I will post below and by golly I’ve got an understanding where you were coming from. I think to myself I do anyway. So I won’t refer to you as a leader just so you know.

  2. I agree with this podcast 99%. Great sensible talk for all. However, how can you state that our tail pipes are not related to global warming? I’m hoping that you’re going for the agriculture argument… because CO2 and global warming are inextricably linked. I hope you might consider responding to this question in your next podcast or here.

    With great respect.

    • No I am not concerned at all about AGW as it relates to CO2. I have been on record as to why so many times I am NOT going down this road again. Let me just say that NO not all scientists agree and most people such as yourself who are sure you are right don’t even know how CO2 is claimed to raise temps, and it isn’t directly even according to the AGW Religion following climatologists.