Episode-2630- Keeping a Family Cow and Still Having a Life — 8 Comments

  1. MedCram is a great channel and my pharmacist wife and nurse daughter have used it for years.  I’ve been following it for the last few weeks and learning a ton.  The discussion on hydrotherapy was quite interesting.

    We’ve been on the GTE, Zn, and Quercetin regimen since you first brought it to light.  If it makes us miss the whole Covid experience I really will consider you a big ol’ jerk! 🙂

    Thanks for all you do.

    • I do hope it helps people, his most recent vid about the critical period between day 5-10 makes me think it might.

  2. Hi Jack,  Thanks for the info on Covid-19. Good info.  Did you come across specific protocols for the Hydrothermal Therapy? Ideal temperature point, duration, sets of hot/cold etc? Also, did the doctors you were in contact with give a safe dosage for Quercetin?  Thanks for any of their insights you can share.

      • Though I am hitting my hot tub at 102 every night for about 10 minutes. I then stand up in the air till I feel cold, go back in for about 3-5 more, get my ass in my robe and go into the house. It is what I am doing, not a recommendation. I mean other than the get cold and go back, it is something I love to do anyway.

    • Yea I played his interview on episode 2631, it is slowly coming around. It is no coincidence that supply is just coming online to a sufficient number to start using it wide spread.