For Attendees and Everyone – Announcements about TSP-23 — 10 Comments

  1. Bring ear plugs for sleeping. Some people stay up very late, and karaoke into the early morning hours.
    The closer you camp to the main shop, the louder it will most likely be. So if you’re an “early to bed” person, and a light sleeper, you may want to camp out towards the perimeter. People will also be coming and going to their cars / tents, and cars race up and down the street pretty loudly… fair warning.

  2. Rain Jacket/Cool Weather Jacket
    Footwear (or extra set) that can get dirty/muddy
    Rug/mat for outside of tent to take shoes off on
    Water Bottle for refills
    Adult beverage koozie
    For the Outdoor Tent Showers: Bring shower kit/towel/shoes
    And (to double emphasize) flashlight other than your phone

  3. Bring earplugs is a great set of advice, bring a spare cell phone charger and a battery pack. Hand warmers are real nice especially on barter blanket night, an extra blanket to use that evening is often a great idea. For the barter blanket if you’re new…. at least bring cash in 5s, 10s, and 20s. Better to bring some interesting things, homemade items, fun stuff, prepper things.

  4. REALLY glad the event is next weekend and not this weekend- weather is not going to be pleasant in DFW then ext 3 days.

  5. Jack,

    WRT newbies and entry gates for folks who might be using Uber/Lyft…

    As someone who took an Uber, therefor didn’t speak with a Nazi before arrival, I walked in through your main gate the first day (facepalm).

    Why? Because that’s where the Uber dropped me and the correct gate looked like it was a separate/different property.

    For the first day, a sign on your main gate directing Uber-newbies to the correct gate might be a good idea for dopes like me. 🙂 In my defense, I had not seen a drone pic or map of your property before arrival.

  6. A vessel to hold water in is a good idea. Jack always puts out cups and a water tank, but having your own refillable container is a better solution than a thousand little plastic/paper cups around.