XPOWER A-2 Series Multi-Purpose Powered Air Duster – Item of the Day — 5 Comments

  1. Also if u are a motorcycle owner, these are great for blowing the water out of the engine fins and hard to reach places when you wash your bike. Great for us chrome lovers who don’t want water spots.

  2. Damn, I wish they had these available in Mongolia. I can’t even get the canned air here. I may end up bringing one of these back here this summer and just use it with a transformer. Would be a helluva lot more efficient than blowing out my mining rigs with the cool setting on the wife’s blowdryer… 😉

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, Jack. My son has a long haired dog that’s a pain to wash (wolf/malamute mix) and busted this out to dry him off. He’s buying one of his own.

  4. I use one like this on my car after I wash it to blow the water out of the crevices before drying it.